The Jobs First PAC is the only IE PAC dedicated to electing Republicans to Beacon Hill with a winning track record.  

Fight the liberal establishment that will block basic reform and oppose the agenda of Governor Baker.  


Donate today & help us reach our $500,000 goal to elect pro-business Republican candidates.

Liberal Special Interests Rule Beacon Hill


Liberal Special Interests spent over $1 million dollars last election cycle just trying to elect local State Representatives and Senators.  

In 2018 they are expected to spend over $4 million on key races on Beacon Hill.  Don't let the special interests of a few far left groups determine the future of Massachusetts!    

Stand with us, as we stand against the liberal anti-business agenda.  


Term limits will break the back of the liberal special interest groups and help to stop corruption.  Term limits introduce fresh thinking and new ideas for state government, as well as increase competition and encourage new challengers for office.  

It will also reduce the power of staff and bureaucracy that increasingly sees taxpayer dollars as a lifeline.  Instead of seniority, merit will be the way we pick new leaders.  

Support common-sense term limits for state government today, join our team.

We have won 75% of all races we have been involved in.  

You want to make sure that the money you are investing goes to a winning race.  

We only back Republican candidates who have a realistic chance of winning, and the results speak for themselves.  We are by far the best investment in giving support to races that actually win on Election Day. 

Donate today & help us reach
 our $500K goal





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