Massachusett’s only Super PAC dedicated to electing down ballot Pro-Job candidates

About Us

Jobs First IE PAC was created in 2014 and has been involved in dozens of races across the Commonwealth.  ​

We have won 75% of the races that we have participated in and continue to help down ballot pro-business mostly Republican candidates compete in a highly difficult political environment.    Jobs First has spent about $500,000 supporting economic conservatives to Beacon Hill. ​

For years Republican candidates have faced major obstacles including millions of dollars spent against them by other special interest groups and PACs which support Democrat candidates.  

In fact since 2014:

  • The SEIU 1199 MA PAC has spent $3.1 million dollars
  • The Mass Teacher’s Association has spent $3.8 million dollars
  • Democrats for Education Reform has spent $676,000 
  • Rise Up Together PAC has spent $275,000

Jobs First Current Top Donors for the PAC are:​

​Christopher Egan, RSLC, John Kingston, and Gregg Liscotti

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