Have you given up on conservatism?

Oct 10 2017

The liberal establishment is assuming that you have given up and is expecting landslide victories in the upcoming special elections, but it’s not over. If you are anything like me, you will not stand by and watch as the Democrats continue to destroy the values that made this country great!

Luckily for us, we have a conservative champion: Jacob Ventura, a 30-year-old that previously worked in the State House as a legislative aide and received his law degree from Washington and Lee University needs your help. Ventura is running for State Senate in a winnable district where both Gov. Charlie Baker and Scott Brown won by double digits.

When he wins he will not only be a strong and principled conservative voice on Beacon Hill, but he will be the first persona of a Native American tribe member to be in the legislature.

Ventura has the support of Gov. Baker and will advance the reforms proposed by Gov. Baker.  He’s good on all of our issues, stopping sanctuary cities, regulatory reforms, supports vocational schools and other basic reforms.

This race is important.

It’s time to send conservatives to Beacon Hill to break the Democrat’s veto-proof majority, but the liberal special interest groups have already invested in their favorite candidate.

Ventura’s opponent, Paul Feeney is a liberal extremist that was socialist Bernie Sanders’ statewide campaign manager and the legislative director for the Massachusetts AFL-CIO. Feeney has already received over $50,000 from unions. We can not allow more politicians sympathetic to socialism into the government.