Out of Touch Jim Hawkins

Mar 01 2018

Its clear that candidate Jim Hawkins (Democrat) is not only out of touch with his district on policy issues, he’s out of touch with reality.

After going through his questionnaire with the Progressive Democrats it is clear that Comrade Hawkins has a super left wing agenda, and does not think highly of the taxpayers or the business community.

Things he says he supports:

  • New taxes on certain commercial real estate transactions (E.Q7)
  • In-State Tuition for illegal immigrants at state colleges (C.Q8)
  • Eliminating High Standards for High School Graduation (C. Q5)
  • Drivers Licences for illegal immigrants (F.Q10)
  • Ban single use shopping bags (seriously that’s a real thing) (H.Q3)
  • New Tax on Startup Companies and Small Business Owners (A.Q2)

The full Questionnaire is here