Progressives and Dark Money

Oct 10 2018

The news is buzzing with how this is the year that Democrat Progressives are having a banner year.  What has not been reported in the mainstream media, and it’s a very inconvenient fact about the resurgence of progressive candidates, is that this new bump in progressive activity is being driven by funding from dark money special interest groups.

For years and years, you’ve heard liberals whine and complain about how conservatives are using 501c4 groups to influence elections and how the right is fueled by Dark Money.

Progressive Mass – is a registered 501c4 group (

Has been holding canvass activities and helping to elect Democrat candidates across the state.  Massachusetts state campaign finance law says that any political activity advocating for the election or defeat of a candidate within a 90 day window of the election must report that activity to OCPF – the agency that covers campaign finance reporting.

The organization must spend at minimum $250 to trigger a report.  Not only that, but Progressive Mass appears to be directly coordinating with Democrats running for office, helping with GOTV efforts and canvass activities, all within the 90 day window.

Because Progressive Mass is a 501c4 – none of these activities are reported to OCPF, or other state agencies.  The so-called “Progressive Movement” here in Massachusetts is built on a system of dark money and campaign finance schemes that these candidates are working to exploit.  Even worse is that current elected officials are coordinating with a 501c4 to help earmark donations from ACTBlue.

What this goes to show is that anytime you hear a liberal cry foul over ‘dark money’, or campaign finance reform, or the people’s pledge – just know that they are complete and utter hypocrites who are benefiting from this dark money system.  Also, it appears that Sen. James Eldrige appears to be benefiting from a coordinated effort of 501c4 “clearly identifiable” candidate communication with Progressive Mass.  Which, according to his very own complaint shows that he himself might be in violation.