Jan 03 2018

2018 Predictions

2018 is going to be an amazing year. ​

Let me be bold and make some predictions. ​

In just a few short months Republicans are going to gain another seat in the legislature – when the special election in Attleboro takes place. There are great pro-job Republicans lined up to run and the seat is ready to flip from Democrat to Republican. ​

Then as the winter turns to spring, we will learn just how corrupt the leadership on Beacon Hill truly is, as the sexual harassment investigation lags on. We predict more legislators will be included in these investigation and we’ll be ready to let their constitutes know all about it. ​

Then in November, Massachusetts will not only re-elect Governor Baker – but we will add again to the Republican ranks in the state legislature. ​

Adding pro-job Republicans to the State House is the only way to break the liberal stranglehold on Beacon Hill.
But we won’t be able to do it without you. So get ready, we will be calling on you to step up and join us.
Until then, Happy New Year!