It's simple. Illegal Immigrants should not vote in elections

Feb 14 2018

Why is this so difficult to understand?  We can think of very few ideas that are worse than changing the law to allow illegal immigrants the right to vote in local elections.  Think about that, an illegal immigrant would cancel out your vote just because he or she happens to (on this particular day) live in your town or city.

Do you want illegal immigrants voting on your local police and fire budget?  Or even on taxes?

These establishment liberals co-sponsored HB#388 (An Act enabling cities and towns to extend voting rights in municipal elections to certain noncitizens of the Commonwealth)

Rep. Decker, Marjorie (D); Rep. Donahue, Daniel (D); Rep. DuBois, Michelle (D); Rep. Gonzalez, Carlos (D); Rep. Khan, Kay (D); Rep. Malia, Elizabeth (D); Rep. Provost, Denise (D); Rep. Rogers, David (D); Rep. Tosado, Jose (D); Sen. Eldridge, James (D)

We will remember this in November.  But for now, we need to spread the word about how out of touch these liberals are.

The New Bedford Guide had this story first – read it here: